Mubochwa Tailors ‘Condom’ Dress

As per his trend of using fashion as an advocacy tool, talented fashion designer Thembani Mubochwa has moved on to address the fight against HIV and AIDS with the condom dress which he showcased at the  Egypt Leg of the Africa Fashion Reception on Monday.

Mubochwa is on record for using his designs to bring to the fore topical issues, first with the Elephant dress which celebrated Zimbabwean Elephants and most recently the PVC collection worn by songstress Cindy Munyavi at this year’s edition of National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA).

The collection is meant to bring to discussion climate change issues.

Just like the Elephant dress, the multi-layered Condom dress is a breathtaking show stopper that consists of flower detail constructed from male and female condoms emphasizing the key role protection plays in reducing the spread of HIV.

The red sequins dress is also set to make an appearance at World AIDS Day commemorations in Rwanda.

Mubochwa attributes the success of this project to various individuals and organizations that he worked with from the inception of the “Condom Collection” concept. These include Gumisayi Bonzo of Transsmart Trust, Collen Magobeya of Pech Media Trust and Tsitsi Ndabambi of Protection of Adults and Children Trust.

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