Mozambique Truck Driver Robbed In Mutare


Mutare- TCM Beira truck driver lost an undisclosed number of deformed bars to 10 unknown men at Riverside in the wee hours of April 24 when his truck had broken down.

By Tapera Gwezhira 

Manicaland Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Luxon Chananda said Lucas Xavier Xadreque (26) of Mangla, Mozambique locked himself in his truck and watch the robbers offloading the deformed bars from his truck and load them in their lorry.

Xadreque was on his way to Harare when he experienced a mechanical breakdown causing him to park at Riverside.

He told the police that some robbers were busy threatening to kill him whilst others were offloading the deformed bars.

The robbers drove away when their lorry was full with the deformed bars.

Xadreque made a police report at Odzi police station around 0900 hours.

Investigations are still in progress.

The robbers are still at large.

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