Mnangagwa Says Zim On Right Track Under His Presidency


President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said Zimbabwe is on the right path to recovery as he praised his government for opening up the democratic space and bringing stability to the economy under the much publicised “austerity measures”.

Making his second United Nations General Assembly address, Mnangagwa said austerity measures were paying off as his government realised “budget surplus” and lamented how Zimbabweans deserve a better life under his tutelage.

He said his government is working on a raft of changes and reforms which the nation should not expect to yield results immediately.

“Comprehensive and far-reaching reforms are being implemented by my government for the benefit, protection and economic prosperity of our people in line with their ever-changing aspirators.

“Furthermore, the fiscal and austerity discipline has resulted in balanced books and a budget surplus which is unprecedented in my country. The impact of change and reforms on the generality of our people takes time but we are in the right direction.

“We shall continue to put in place social safety nets to cushion the lower strata and most vulnerable members of our society and I appeal for further multi-lateral support in this regard,” Mnangagwa said.

Mnangagwa told the UNGA that the country is opening democratic space for all parties and re-engagement efforts are underway.

“In our desire to deepen democratic spaces in our country, we have established an open political platform where we invite all political parties to frank debate and dialogue on aspects of our social, political and economic reforms,” he stated.

This is despite the fact that back at home millions of Zimbabweans continue to wallow in poverty amid a runaway inflationary rate coupled with cash, fuel and power shortages.

Ironically, since Mnangagwa took over power from the late former President Robert Mugabe in November 2017, he promised better lives to the nation but the situation continues to dwindle alarmingly under his watch.

On the political front, human rights and opposition members continue to cry for an open democratic society but the Mnangagwa regime has often responded with force and intimidation.

Recently, a leader of a doctor’s association, Dr Peter Magombeyi was allegedly abducted by state security personnel only to be found five days later a move which left the health sector shaken as doctors went on an industrial strike calling for the release of one of their own.


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