President Mnangagwa Castigates MDC Alliance

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has castigated the MDC Alliance for seeking space in an area that is controlled by the ruling Zanu PF.

Speaking during the Zanu PF 341 Politburo meeting at the party headquarters President Mnangagwa said political parties should express their governing capacities on correct platforms.

“In between these years, I urge political parties to express their capacity to govern on correct platforms. Sadly, we are seeing opposition parties clamoring for spaces that we control, as Zanu PF, yet the local authorities under their purview are havens of corruption, malpractices and poor service delivery.

“As a party we have no interest in the politics of the opposition, our agenda and focus is to improve the quality of life of all Zimbabweans, leaving no one behind.”  He said

He said Zanu PF will not be moved or surrender to any motives that threaten the country’s peace and unity and called on workers unions to represent their constituency not politics.

“On the political front, we continue to see acts that seek to out rightly destabilise the peace, unity and harmony we are enjoying, in particular through the use of platforms in the health, education and security sectors. We shall never quiver or capitulate in the face of these machinations.

“I urge those who purport to represent workers to do just that. It is a one way traffic lane. Political ambitions and views belong to another lane. Choose the lane you walk on! Those in politics must seek the mandate of the people every five years, through the ballot box. That is the Constitutional way; that is the ‘rule of law’ way, that is the democratic way.” said the President

He also warned Civic Society Organisations and foreign Embassies to stick to their roles and those who deviate will be de-registered.



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