Mliswa Goes For Mohadi’s Head

Outspoken Independent legislator for Norton constituency Temba Mliswa has come out guns  blazing against Vice President Kembo Mohadi alleging that the former state security minister has been  for a long time engaging in a wide range of corruption activities, rape and murder.

Writing on his micro blog Twitter Saturday morning , Mliswa said he is reaching out to President Mnangagwa with a dossier to prove to him that the ZIPRA war veteran has been abusing office for too long and therefore action must be taken.

“Word has it that VP Mohadi is the Godfather of smuggling in Beitbridge and has abused his power for too long. There are even allegations of rape and murder against him, dossier of which I’ll be compiling for submission to @edmnangagwa and I look forward to H.E. acting upon the info.

“He’s alleged to have always acted in the interests of white people like Goddard and attempted to protect the interests of the Chinese at Sunny Yi Feng from where his tiff with me appears to emanate when I intervened to halt construction pending EMA and working conditions compliance,”Mliswa wrote.

The former Hurungwe West legislator defended former Head of State and government Robert Mugabe for not elevating Mohadi to the second top job in the country saying the Vice President lacks substance.

“I can’t truly say that we have a VP of substance in Mohadi who would appear to have a litany of corruption allegations trailing him. RGM wasn’t wrong in not appointing him. I’ve been through persecution in RGM’s era and enlisting Goddard with flimsy charges against me won’t stick.

“…What has Mohadi done in his role of reconciliation? No-one respects him even in his own area and RGM was correct in his wisdom and not wrong about not choosing him. There’s nothing tribalistic about it, just plain fact as there are many from the region who are honest and deserving,” fumed Mliswa.

Mliswa further charged that Mohadi has failed to adequately represent the Matebeleland region’s liberation struggle heroes suggesting that a better candidate would do better.

“The ZIPRA War Vets have been neglected and Mohadi has done nothing to represent them. There are more influential and deserving ZIPRA Commanders than Mohadi that have better capacity and people at heart.”

Mliswa’s rants at Mohadi come after the Vice President through his lawyers wrote to Norton MP to retract his statements he made on Thursday in the wake ZACC disbandment.

Mliswa said he determined to expose the Vice President whose corruption tendencies he alleges have reached alarming levels and must be dealt with now.See Mliswa’s full thread on this link https://twitter.com/TembaMliswa/status/1091593333892440064

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