Misred Dismisses Matutu Affair

Popular radio and television personality Samantha “Misred” Musa has dismissed rumours of her romantic entanglement with former ZANU PF deputy youth secretary, Lewis Matutu.

In a recent rant on social media, responding to a fan who in the comment box had waded on the rumour the ZiFM Stereo presenter refuted the claims warning the public from peddling these lies.

“Ndati ndikubatsireyi, I’m not with him. I think it’s because handidi kutaura zvakawanda so people think it’s ok to lie. It’s sad that any man I stand next to, I’m assumed dating. Handichato bvumirwa kuziva murume ka. All this needs to stop! First and last time I’m talking about this,” warned Musa.

(Just because I don’t respond to your lies, it doesn’t make it ok. It’s sad that any man I stand next to, I’m assumed dating. It appears like a crime knowing a man.)

Rumours sparked after a video of woman with Red’s resemblance cosying up with Matutu hit social media. To a majority of social media users, the video validated why Musa appeared to side with ZANU PF in her sentiments to a Ghanian radio where she said social media’s trending #ZimbabweanLivesMatter was exaggerating the actual events on the ground.

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