Minister Abandons Tour Of Chinese Factory Over Coronavirus Fears

Provincial Minister of State for Mashonaland West Mary Mliswa Chikoka yesterday abruptly ended her tour of Chinese owned Sunny Yi Feng factory in Norton after being told that some workers were under quarantine for coronavirus on site.

This was revealed by Norton legislator Temba Mliswa who laid into the ministry of health and child care for failing to coordinate a proper response mechanism and standard quarantine method for those coming from affected countries.

Mliswa revealed that her sister had to cut short her tour of Sunny Yi Feng factory after she was told that some Chinese nationals who came into the country were quarantined on site despite government designating Wilkins Hospital as the national quarantine centre.

“MOHCC I am concerned and your intervention is urgently requested. Whilst not wanting to seem alarmist, as a legislator I am compelled to play my part. Today, whilst at a meeting at Sunny Yi Feng, Norton, it was raised that approx 20 Chinese are currently under quarantine on-site,

“It’s believed the Chinese nationals were tested negative upon entry but have been further quarantined by the company to complement Govt efforts. My concern is: i. Are you aware of this self-quarantine initiative? ii. Are the quarantine conditions according to set guidelines?

What medicines or protective measures, if any, govern this procedure? iv. Whilst the measures by the company are commendable, shouldn’t those in quarantine be under surveillance in a designated area set aside for such purpose?

It’s been alleged some of those in quarantine may have escaped detection at ports of entry by falsely declaring their country of departure. Kazembe Kazembe, are those arriving to Zim passports’ verified as to which country they’re coming from to tally with their declaration?

The Minister of State forMash West was unable to continue with the scheduled tour to assess compliance at Sunny Yi Feng due to the above uncertainties amid claims that anyone displaying symptoms of Coronavirus are also self quarantined on the premises in the same way

“If such is happening at Sunny Yi Feng, what more at other Chinese companies in Zim? Whilst I reiterate acknowledgement of their efforts, I think it’s important Govt steps in to assess the situation to avoid the possible threat of an outbreak,” said Mliswa in an eight-threaded Twitter post.

Efforts to get a comment from Mary Mliswa were in vain as she requested questions via Whatsapp but had not responded at the time of publishing.

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