Mhlanga ready to fight at the Karate World Tournament in Russia

TOP-NOTCH karateka Tangai ‘Mighty’ Mhlanga is ready to represent Africa and he has intensified his training ahead of the World Fighting Kyokushin Tournament in Russia this month.

Mhlanga in February this year scooped the gold medal in South Africa that earned him the first place to represent Zimbabwe and Africa at the prestigious tournament in Russia.

The karateka will be accompanied by Africa Kyokushin representative Shawn Burgass and Africa Kyokushin Board will cater for Mhlanga’s trip to Russia in April.

The tournament that is scheduled for the 18th of April and Mhlanga is expected to leave the country in a two weeks time for Russia as his travelling arrangements is expected to be finalised by then.

Mhlanga’s mentor Sensei Kumbirai Musinami said that preparations were at an advanced stage and that they have already received Mhlanga’s invitation ahead of the prestigious tournament in Russia in two weeks time.

“Preparations are at an advanced stage and we have received Mhlanga’s invitation from the World Fighting Kyokushin and he has been train with veteran karateka Sensei Samson Muripo who won gold medal in Japan.

“Mhlanga is going to face some of the experienced fighters across the world, but his preparations is going well so far as he is expressing some impressing fighting techniques,” revealed Musinami.

The karateka is optimistic to bring the gold medal back home after he emerged as Africa’s number one when he scooped the gold medal at a tournament held in South Africa earlier this year.

“It was a tough tournament and my first time to take part in such a prestigious tournament and I am confident to bring back the gold medal from Russia,” expressed Mhlanga.

Whilst Mhlanga will be travelling to Russia during that time, the seasoned karateka and 2009 gold medallist at the All Japan World Kyokushin Tournament, Sensei Samson Muripo will be travelling to Japan for the All-Japan Tournament that will feature fighters across the globe.

Sensei Muripo will be accompanied by a team of three renowned fighters Sempai Lovemore Nyamutswa , Sampai Niason Chituma and Sampai Admire Chingozho to battle it out at the All Japan Open Tournament set for the 18-19 of April 2015.

Muripo who was the 2013 crowned the Sportsmen of the Year at the Annual National Sports Awards for his efforts on the international arena will lead the team to Japan tournament.


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