MDC Youths Castigate Togarepi Over Friday Demo Remarks

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) youths have castigated Zanu PF Youth League Secretary Pupurai Togarepi saying the aging youth leader was trying to sanitize the ruling party’s hand in the violence unleashed on citizens by the police last week.

In a statement this morning, MDC Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Chuma slammed Togarepi for attempting to shift blame on the ugly scenes witnessed in the central business district of Harare to the opposition party.

“MDC Youth Assembly notes with concern and aghast at the futile blame shifting attempts by one Pupurai Togarepi to shoulder peace loving citizens and MDC leadership blame while absolving ZANU PF youths, green bombers and the police on the violence that engulfed the streets of Harare last Friday.

“In a long incoherent monologue, the 57 year old ZANU PF Youth leader, Togarepi exhibited quantums of ideological dissonance and mental deficiency by trying to sanitize a ZANU PF hand on the violence that was unleashed on innocent civilians by the ‘police’.

“Togarepi’s reckless utterances mirrors a sore picture of the death and dearth of leadership in ZANU PF and the ripple effects of such has deleterious consequences on citizens,” said Chuma.

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