MDC Youths Blast Chaibva’s ZACC Appointment

The inclusion of ex-Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) MP, Gabriel Chaibva in the recently sworn Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has been met with disdain by the party’s youth wing.

In a statement released today by MDC Youth Assembly National Spokesperson, Stephen Sarkozy Chuma, questioned Chaibva’s character which he said makes him an unworthy candidate of a board that is supposed to be a “moral campus.”

“That Gabriel Chaibva, who is renowned for lying under oath to the Mothlante Commissioners is part of the newly assembled ZACC board cast doubts over the credibility and capacity of the board to perform its duties with diligence.

“As such the appointment of a renowned serial liar to be a custodian and supervisor of an anti-corruption board brings with it a blanket of hopelessness, disapproval and public distrust to the ZACC board,” he said.

This follows Chaibva’s testimony before the Motlanthe Commission on  the August 01 shootings where he made sensational claims that he saw MDC party members shooting civilians.

Speaking in a statement, Chuma said Chaibva’s nomination is a hint proving that ZACC has been put in place to target the opposition.

“For a man who unashamedly lied with a straight face that he did not see the army, but MDC officials shooting August 01 victims, to be appointed into a board supposedly expected to be a vanguard of a corrupt-free society only helps to unpack the omens that lies ahead for opposition,” he said.

He added that it cannot be disputed that Chaibva was appointed due to his ZANU PF ties.

“It is crystal clear that Mr Chaibva is part of the junta regime’s ploy to decimate opposition figures using fascist tactics of incarcerating opposition officials on trumped up corruption charges.

“The same manner that Chaibva absolved the army while nailing innocent MDC officials during the Mothlante Inquiry is likely to be the recurrent behaviour of the new ZACC board,” said Chuma.

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