Zanu PF Has No Locus Standi To Talk About Corruption: MDC Youths

Opposition MDC Youths Assembly has threatened mass action against the ruling Zanu PF government saying it is the only way to do away with corruption which is now deep rooted in the Zimbabwean society.

MDC Youth Assembly chairperson, Obey Tererai Sithole said Zanu PF did not have the locus standi to talk about corruption further charging that the widely publicized list of money externalizers had not been acted upon.

“ZANU PF can not speak lightly of corruption, leaving the big elephant in the house. Mnangagwa is the real culprit and why are they not talking about him.

A party whose officials stink with corruption scandals like the Willogate Scandal, NOCZIM scandal, Marange Diamonds scandal etc has no moral probity to lead the anti-corruption crusade or let alone speak about it.

A party whose President enlisted more than 100 cash externalizers but with not even a single person getting arrested or convicted is not fit to talk about anti-corruption,” said Sithole.

“It is an insult to the people of Zimbabwe for ZANU PF Youth League to name and shame officials in the corruption laden party leaving a big  in the house, for we all know that a fish rot from the head.

It is absurd and insufficient to talk of corruption without citing Emmerson Mnangagwa’s shoddy mining cartels in the mineral rich areas along Kwekwe. It is a public secret that Mr Mnangagwa owns virtually all gold mines in Kwekwe in what is infamously referred to as “mhuu” whereby his cartel collect 50% share from the illegal gold panners  or amakorokoza,” he added.

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