MDC Threatens Protests Against Command Agriculture

ED’s Command Agriculture Faces A Brick Wall

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change has threatened street protests against government’s Command Agriculture, believed to have been used as a vehicle by Zanu PF bigwigs to loot state resources through Sakunda Holdings, a private company owned by business mogul Kuda Tagwirei.

In statement released today, MDC spokesperson Jacob Mafume warned government against taking people for a ride, raising concern over the murky nature of the whole deal.

“The MDC will deal with this issue in parliament and in the streets. The time for games is coming to an end. Zimbabweans must come on board; collectively we can stop the rot,” Mafume said.

“The MDC is aware that the 2017 version of command agriculture was implemented in collaboration with Sakunda representing the interests of Trafigura. There is a likelihood that as capture continues, the same culprits will enter into another murky agreement with government.

“The terms and conditions of the loan extended by Sakunda are, up to now, unknown, the interest rates are obscure and the time frames a mystery. With this backlog of problems, the people of Zimbabwe cannot be taken for a ride by allowing an extension,” added Mafume.

The opposition statement comes on the back of latest disclosure of massive rot at the central bank with high ranking politicians fingered in the abuse of foreign currency reserves.

Mafume expressed shock over government’s decision to continue with a programme that is responsible for worsening Zimbabwe’s debt.

“It is clear from the statement that command agriculture is one of the biggest drivers of the ballooning debt. It is therefore shocking to learn of its continuation before the 2019 budget is presented,” added Mafume.

MDC President Nelson Chamisa last week called for an inquiry into the country’s debt to establish the rationality behind the usage of such funds.

Command Agriculture has been a source of conflict since revelations by former Zanu PF member, Acie Lumumba that there was a ‘Queen Bee’ who was literally running government and controlling parallel foreign currency exchange rates.

Wide speculation from the public have fingered Sakunda owner, Kuda Tagwirei as the name behind the Queen Bee character revealed by Lumumba.

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