MDC Manicaland Throws Weight Behind Chamisa


MUTARE– Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Manicaland provincial committee has thrown its weight behind party leader Nelson Chamisa, in defiance of a recent Supreme Court judgement that annuled his assumption of power following the death of founding President Morgan Tsvangirai in 2018.

Provincial spokesperson David Panganai said the judgement which granted control of the party to the late Tsvangirai’s deputy Thokozani Khupe was a none event as the courts cannot anoint leaders of political movements.

The judgement, curiously passed during the 21 day lockdown, has shaken the opposition movement grassroot structures, but  Manicaland councillors and Members of Parliament say they are not moved by the ‘connivance of sellouts’.

However Panganai said the provincial structures pledged “unwavering support’ to Nelson Chamisa and the leadership elected at our Gweru Congress, and would not be swayed by a court judgement.

“We the MDC Manicaland Province note with dismay the judgement handed down by the Supreme Court purportedly deciding on the leadership of our great movement. For the record we hereby pledge our unwavering support to President Nelson Chamisa and the leadership elected at our Gweru Congress

“Although expected we are shocked at the depths to which the evil Zanu PF Regime is prepared to sink in order to destroy the party of excellence. We must make it abundantly clear that we do not recognize the judgement in its entirety.

“We also note the connivance between some sellouts who were our members chief among them being Douglas Mwonzora and Morgen Komichi with Zanu PF to clutch onto the judgement in a futile attempt to misinform and destabilize the party structures,” said Panganai.

He added, “As far as the laws of Zimbabwe provide all citizens enjoy freedom of association and no court no matter how powerful can force us the unwilling to associate with a Cabal like the one led by Khupe, Mwonzora and Komichi.”

Panganai said Khupe has already chosen her path after she contested in the 2018 general elections, where she ganered less than one percent of votes in the presidential ballot, and has since formed her own party.

He said no court on the land could force people to support a political movement whihc was openly supping to the regime of President Emerson Mnangagwa. Anything else is daydreaming and we will not countenance any such shenanigans

“No court has the power to choose a President for us and as far as we are concerned the issue of succession in our party was settled at our successful Gweru Congress.

“Thokozani Khupe and her cabal held their own Congress and went on to contest the 2018 election where she got a mere 0.94 percent of the votes. Thokozani is already President of a party she calls MDC-T and that is none of our business or concern.

“As the youth of our party sing “zveZanu ndozvandisingade mumba mangu” we will not be associated in any way with a cabal that hobnobs with the cruel Mnangagwa Regime for thirty pieces of silver,” said Panganai.

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