MDC Grassroots Unmoved By Recalls, Rally Behind Chamisa

MUTARE– The opposition Movement for Democratic Change’s (MDC Alliance) grassroots say they are unmoved by the several parliamentary and municipal recalls by a faction led by the erstwhile duo of Thokozani Khupe and Douglas Mwonzora.

The Manicaland provincial team led by the Provincial Chairperson Prosper Mutseyami and the Organizing Department embarked on a tour of its branches and cells in the province addressing structures on the developments within the party.

Information and Publicity secretary David Panganai told 263Chat that their message was not only political but also aimed at addressing the communities on the effects of the Covid 19 and to disseminate awareness to all.

He said the communities are in full support of Nelson Chamisa despite the shenanigans of Khupe and her acolytes, described as appendages to ZANU PF.

“The message that the party faithfuls were eagerly waiting to hear was the state of the party and how we are progressing following the dubious judgment of the courts.

“Generally people are feeling let down by both the judiciary and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) with respect to Supreme Court judgment and how Khupe and Mwonzora have been allowed to undo and disregard their vote to the MDC Alliance.

“This is the message which was echoed from all the areas that we visited, it is clear they are prepared to sacrifice for what they believe in. They travelled for kilometers on foot and bicycles, and spent the little they had all in effort to listen and be informed on the state of their party.

“It’s a traverse of democratic principle and natural justice that a person who got as little 45000 votes get to now walk to parliament to represent the electorate that refused them,” said Panganai.

Panganai said the leadership was left humbled by the outpouring of solidarity, as the party membership vowed to support the leadership of Nelson Chamisa, as he chided Khupe and crew for seeking short term glory.

He said the people on the ground are prepared to defend their vote against the maneuvering of the courts into political party business, a preserve for political party membership.

“The people had one clear message, they will not be threatened by recalls, torture and abductions to abandon their chosen path of how they want to be governed and by who.

“Their message remains emphatic, political party leadership remains a preserve of the membership of such party to elect one of their choice and no Court will ever be allowed to usurp that responsibility whatever the circumstance.

“Their message to the President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is clear, as the party faithful they will sink or swim with him as he was their choice who carries their hope and vision.

“Those who defected did so to fulfil their personal ambitions and should not be stopped from acquiring the short term gains which they will soon regret,” said Panganai.

He said the provincial leadership has committed to addressing challenges faced by the grassroots where some structures are failing to acquire requisite police clearance to hold meetings.

“Some of our structures are failing to acquire police clearances to meet as regularly as they would wish and also there is the threat the pandemic is causing.

“We encouraged them to revisit old strategies of meeting and keep the party invigorated in light of the unholy marriage of Mwonzora/Khupe, Zanu and their appendages,” said Panganai.

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