Komichi Trial Date Postponed

Harare Magistrate, Ruramai Chitumbura has postponed the trial of Movement Democratic Change (MDC) Deputy Chairperson, Morgan Komichi to 18 October after the state failed to furnish the accused person’s lawyer with the needed court papers.

Komichi’s lawyer, Obey Shava told the 263Chat that they applied for a postponement to allow the state to sought out confusion among its own prosecutors.

“We had to seek for a postponement because the state did not give us papers. Two prosecutors are involved in this and the other one thought the other one gave us, and they both did not,” said Obey in an interview with 263Chat.

Allegations against Komichi are that he interrupted the electoral process by uttering a statement which reads; “I did not sign those results, so the results are fake. The results have just been printed and they have not been verified by the polling agents and we are the polling agents, we have not done that. The polling agents verified the results from……. The presidential results are constituency based results and the constituency results have not been announced and not verified. We held a meeting today with the CEO and we agreed on the process and the process was not followed. Thank you very much we have our position.”

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