MDC Alliance Condemns Proposed Housing Demolitions

The MDC Alliance says it is strongly opposed to the proposed housing demolitions in Chitungwiza with the party viewing the move as another operation Murambatsvina.

According to state media the Chitungwiza Municipality is set to demolish over 11 000 properties, including houses illegally built on wetlands, railway servitudes and sewer lines.

MDC Alliance deputy national spokesperson Clifford Hlatywayo accused the Provincial Development Coordinator (PDC)’s office of using council officials to carry out the demolitions.

“The MDC Alliance is strongly opposed to the oncoming houses demolitions in Chitungwiza by the Zanu Pf led central government, through the office of the Provincial development coordinator, (PDC). He has used council officials to carry out such a heinous act in the midst of the rains and the deadly pandemic, this has been done without the authority or a resolution of the council.

“This is a clear act of interference with the work of the council which is against the spirit and letter of devolution agreed upon by Zimbabweans in chapter 14 and section 274 of the constitution. We consider this move in the same lenses as we viewed operation Murambatsvina and all the houses demolitions inclusive of the most recent ones that happened in Budiriro, Ruwa et al; they are inhumane, inconsiderate and evil,” said Hlatywayo

He said it is the duty of the central government to construct shelter for its citizens as enshrined in the country’s constitution.

“Judging by the constitution of Zimbabwe and the numerous political manifestos in the run up to the last election, it is the government’s duty to construct shelter for the Zimbabweans and not to destroy it, for citizens pay taxes to government for purposes of development and not degeneration.

“It is with utmost disgust that the ministry of local government is abusing state institutions and overriding MDC Alliance run councils to impose destruction instead of construction of homes. As if it is not enough, the illegitimate Zanu Pf government is deploying law fare to victimize all MDC Alliance mayors and councillors who are opposed to houses demolitions.

“We are very much aware that land barons belong to Zanu Pf, the people are very much conscious that the technical wings of councils are controlled by the Zanu Pf led central government and these two entities cooperated to fleece citizens of their hard earned monies and allowed them to erect housing structures in the full glare of the authorities only for them to declare completely built houses illegal and be demolished.” he said

Hlatywayo said MDC Alliance councilors have been arrested because they are against demolition of houses.

“Many of our councillors have been arrested for standing with and for the people and that is the reason why Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume is unjustifiably imprisoned, that is why our councillors are being illegally recalled and arrested on trumped up charges. We stand with the people against housing demolitions.” Hlatywayo said.

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