MC Chita Back With “iC2”

Local Zimbabwean rapper, Chitarisiro Chiketa better known as MC Chita is set to launch his new album titled I, Chitarisiro 2 shortened as ‘IC2’ on the 10th of November 2017 at the Zimbabwe German Society in Harare.

According to MC Chita, the album is coming three years after his last official release in 2014 and one of the tracks on the new offering titled “Muchatiwona” already trending on local radio stations.

“I Chitarisiro 2 is the second part to the two part series of the album, the first part came out last year in October,

“This album is my most honest piece of work; I opened up myself to various aspirations and ideas while working on it,

“I have a bunch of collaborations on it mostly New School artists because there has been a heavy influx of talent from New School,” said MC Chita.

He added that he has been working on the album for close to four years adding that it is something everyone should look forward to.

“It’s quiet a large album and we worked hard on this project,

“I just wanted to touch on a lot of subjects that are personal to me than doing a project based on fantasy,

“I cannot say this is the best piece of work I have produced but it’s the one piece of work that I worked the hardest on,” he said.

The album consists of 17 tracks and according to MC Chita, there is a little something for everyone.

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