Marry Chiwenga Demands US$40k Maintenance

The estranged former wife of vice President Constantino Chiwenga, Marry has demanded USD40 000 in maintenance fees.

Marry and Chiwenga are currently going through a messy divorce process that has spilled into the courts.

In the Defendant’s plea to the High Court, Marry demanded USD40 000 per month in maintenance fees as well as medical aid to take care of her ailing health.

“The Defendant claims in reconvention personal maintenance in an amount equivalent to USD40 000 per month payable in Zimbabwe dollars and calculated at the interbank rate prevailing on the date of payment until her death or remarriage” said Marry’s Court papers submitted yesterday

She demanded that the powerful Vice president pay reconstructive surgery bills and medical costs arising from the injuries she sustained from a bomb blast in 2018.

“Plaintiff (Constantino Chiwenga) pay the Marry Mubaiwa’s cost for reconstructive surgery and all other medical associated costs arising from injures she suffered from bomb blast in Bulawayo whilst accompanied Plaintiff on his party activities.

Marry also demanded an international medical aid cover.

“The Plaintiff provide the Defendant with an internationally recognised medical aid cover until her death.”

The nasty divorce has never been short of drama as Chiwenga ‘influenced’ his wife’s arrest on charges attempted murder, fraud and money laundering.

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