Mai Titi Whips Java Into Line

Outspoken socialite Mai Titi has told flamboyant cleric Passion Java to desist from mocking the poor from whom the man of cloth “earns a living.”

In a public rant aired live on her Facebook account, the socialite told Java of “twabam” fame that being rich does not give him a license to puke on everyone.

“Just because you have money it does not give you a right to trample over everyone. You earn money from offerings made by Christians at your church so have to respect them. Learn to respect people who remain poor to feed you,” she said.

She added, ” on top of that, the money you move around parade is not even yours, you are just a beneficiary of your wife’s privileged background.”

Mai titi also claimed she has nude pictures of the cleric having sexual encounters with different women.

Following the encounter, the cleric has apologise for his actions. He said, “I would like to apologise to Mai Titi and all women.”

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