Machete gang strikes again, one arrested


MUTARE- Two lovebirds escaped from the claws of death after a suspected gang of the notorious machete wielding robbers pounced on them while walking in Darlington suburb over the weekend.

By Donald Nyarota

Brighton Pazerera (22) of Mawonde Sakubva was brutally assaulted by three assailants while in the company of his girlfriend Mollin Nyanhere (18) of Dreamhouse Chikanga as they were on their way to Darlington.

As the two love birds were walking around 10pm,  it is alleged that three men emerged from their surroundings, armed with a machete and pounced on the two, demanding cash and personal possessions.

The machete wielding robbers ordered the lovebirds to sit down but Nyanhere managed to escape leaving her boyfriend with the attackers.

The boyfriend refused to comply with his assailants and one of them allegedly took a machete and struck him on the left arm as he attempted block the weapon aimed at his head. In the ensuing melee, the other two robbers then took $15 US and Nokia 1200 phone and fled from the scene.

On his way to make a police report, Pazerera spotted one of the suspected assailants at Sanhanga Building and apprehend him with the help of a security guard.

He then made a report at Mutare Central police leading to the suspect’s arrest.

Police spokesperson Luxon Chananda confirmed the incident.

Chananda said one of the suspects was Freeman Muziyavanhu (46) of Chikanga Phase 1 with the other still unknown.

The police recovered a machete and a hacksaw that Muziyavanhu had in his possession.

In another unrelated incident, a man from Vandela Sibanda (20) of Murambi East was attacked by three men whilst he was on his way home.

This incident occurred at ZIMRE Building along Herbert Chitepo Road when three men approached Sibanda who was walking alone and asked for a cigarette.

Sibanda allegedly told the suspects that he did not have the cigarettes, and offered them two bonds which angered the robbers who claimed that it was not enough.

They demanded more but Sibanda told them he had nothing more to offer, as a result they started assaulting him with open fists and booted feet and robbed him of US$10 and a satchel which had various clothes.

Police spokesperson for Manicaland Assistant Inspector Luxon Chananda advised people to not walk alone at night as it makes them vulnerable to attacks.

“We have been recording these delinquencies recently and we are urging people to desist from walking alone at night or through places where they are far from the public as some elements are taking advantage.

“We assure the public that we are always geared to fight crime but we need them to come up with information that can also assist us in making these arrests,” said Asst. Insp Chananda.

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