Macheso Launches 11th Studio Album

...Ochestra Mberikwazvo celebrates 2 decades in music

What could be a more befitting place to celebrate one’s successes other than amongst your kith and kin?

Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex will be the place to be this coming Friday the 9th of June as the Sungura Maestro Alick Macheso and his evergreen Orchestra Mberikwazvo launches their 11th Studio album at their favourite hunting ground.

By George Swarei

The six track album Dzinosvitsa Kure opens with the song Chikuru Kurarama which is a plea to all in relationships to resolve their differences amicably and to seek for counselling but if all this fails, Macheso urges lovers to separate ways in a respectable manner not to resort to violence and avoid unnecessary loss of life.

Pfuma yacho comes second on the album, the song’s theme centres on clean hard-work which brings about pure riches to be enjoyed with one’s family. It discourages the use of black magic that brings about untold suffering in the family as a result of rituals that destroys the whole family.

Ndakakutadzireyi is third on the album, thee song encourages people to be happy for hard workers as they enjoy the fruits of their labour and to learn from the goodness of hard work.

Gospel music on sungura tempo comes in with Kudzwai, a song of thanks giving, paying homage to God for His blessings throughout the 20 years the band has been in existence.

Madzitete is a reminder of chinyakare chedu were the family fabric is given prominence, vanatete are being implored to intercede on behalf of vazukuru for parents to forgive their errand kids.

The album ends with vane zvavanoda. In an interview Lucky Macheso the group’s publicist assured music fans of a polished act at the launch.

“Preps for the Launch are at an advanced stage and would like to urge all music lovers to come and witness this historic event were we will also be recording a live DVD.”

“The album launch comes at a time we are celebrating our 20th anniversary in music as Orchestra Mberikwazvo. If the inquiries and responses so far are anything to go by then surely we are going ti have a sold-out show”, added the younger Macheso.

Lucky Macheso encouraged music lovers to buy original CDs from Newspaper vendors and all Red Cross offices across the country.

He said it is their wish to distribute as many as 100000 CDs on the first day of the launch to satisfy all their fans across the lengths and breath of Zimbabwe.

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