Machakaire Hands Over Mealie-Meal to Lockdown Hit Wedza Villagers

Wedza South Member of Parliament, Tinoda Machakaire yesterday handed over 30 tonnes of mealie-meal to the constituency to avert hunger that has crippled most villagers during the lockdown period.

The donation came as huge relief to the villagers who were going through a rough patch.

Villagers who spoke to this publication hailed the MP for his benevolence.

Chief Ruzane said the situation was getting out of hand and the donation would go a long way to avert the problems.

“This is huge for us because things were getting out of hand. Our people were facing many food challenges during this lockdown period and this donation by the MP is welcome,” he said.

Some villagers said it was important for the constituency to have an MP who come back to the people during the difficult times.

“We were having serious food shortages because this place was deserted by donors. Social welfare is giving everyone so life was becoming unbearable for us. We want to thank our MP for that,” Mavis Choto a villager said.

Some said they have gone for days without eating anything and they could not go out looking for the food because of the lockdown restrictions.

In handing over the donation to the villagers, Machakaire said they he had bought equipment for fishery projects in the constituency.

“We have bought equipment for fishery projects so that they can also assist in averting these natural disasters such as hunger,” he said.

He thanked President Emmerson Mnangagwa for adding rice to the villagers.

“Apart from the melee-meal the President gave me rice and every villager should benefit from this,” he said.

He urged village heads to desist from corruption saying every villager must benefit from these donations.

“Village heads must not be corrupt because every person must benefit. We are in difficult times because of Covid-19 so everyone must get his own share of the food,” he said.

Machakaire who is the Deputy Minister of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation gave a strong warning to errant business people who are not accepting ecocash and bond notes as forms of payment.

Machakaire said this after villagers raised concerns about the business community who were accepting USD as form of payment only.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa has already told you that there are economic saboteurs and these people are part of them. Now in my capacity as your MP and Government official I am warning these people to stop this madness because it is making life difficult for the villagers. We will be forced to act against such behavior,” he said.

He was some of the measures being taken by the Central bank were meant for illegal foreign currency dealers not for the ordinary citizens and business community should not take advantage of that.

Zanu PF youth league Mashonaland East province chairman Kelvin Mutsvairo concurred with Machakaire saying they would work to flash out errant business people.

“This is not right because they are making it worse for the people here in Hwedza South and some other parts of the country. These economic saboteurs will meet their fate very soon because even President Mnangagwa has been clear that this has to come to an end,” he said.

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