Mabvuku Recycling Project Pulling Through

The Mabvuku recycling project which encourages waste separation and recycling is doing well and benefiting the community by creating job opportunities for members of the community and complimenting the ZimAsset program, a Ministry of Environment official has said.

By Faith Zvorufura

Officiating at this year’s World Environment Day commemorations held in Mabvuku Harare, The Deputy Director of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate, Veronica Jakarazi said the community should work together to protect the environment by engaging in projects that foster protection as well as creating employment for community members.

“As a ministry we are encouraging waste separation and recycling to provide income generating programs. This project compliments government’s economic blueprint, the ZimAsset program, through employment creation for ordinary members of the community,” said.

The same program is also running in other communities like are not Mbare, Kambuzuma, Greendale and Msasa.

Jakarazi said the project has proven to be of benefit to the community with six families having benefited from the program, though she could not disclose the amount of money invested in the project.

According to Coswell Mudzingwa, Project Director, the litter is collected from in and around Harare.

The project is receiving support from Lafarge and Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate who according to Mudzingwa are doing everything to help the project pull through.

A new factory in Msasa is on the cards which will increase recycling and exports to South Africa.

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