Lumumba, Kikky Badass Flirt On Set: Viewers Fume

A series of awkward moments and sexual undertoned conversations characterized the latest episode of The Lumumba Files Drive (TLF) interview between Acie Lumumba and rising hip-hop diva Kikky Badass.

The TLF  interviews, that are broadcast online have become the voice of Zimbabwean celebrities’ fans, bringing the most out of the stars and leaving viewers satisfied in all matters they needed clarity.

However, concerns of poor professionalism on the presenter’s side – Lumumba – were raised with his failure to distinguish between his lust and work. He would pour in questions that seemed to pursue personal interests than the viewers’ needs.

It turned out a pick-up line show where the interviewer was looking to woo the interviewee to bed. The comment section stands testimony to what was achieved, contrary to what a professional interview should deliver.

Instead of giving incite on new found knowledge about the rising the Boyz Dzetonazi, people commented on Lumumba’s flirting skills and pick-up lines.

Acie flirts weduwe ??? all those sexual connotations
looks like some people went to to the hotel after that oh who can say no to lumumba with his sweet talks i can see u guys are flirting hahaha


While some were better with Lumumba’s sexist conduct.

The weakness of a womanizer is evident and shows in this video,,kamweya kekuda lulalula hakavanziki, Besides KiKi hasi muridzi wechinhu. Enzo should be the one interviewed for Magate then zvimwe zvemaactress arimuvideo will follow, Chako kuda kungomuona pedyo newe asking about her moves????Acie, Now you make me question your mototive on this Lumumba Drive.


Lumumba should stop seeing and talking to women as mere sexual elements. This is embarrassing not to mention unprofessional for a man of his calibre. Women should stay woke against rogue sexual predators. For the record i love you Acie my guy ,you are a gamechanger ,dissapointing here n there but we’ll be a’ight.


Some even called it the worst TLF episode so far.

Hapana ane ecocash here andidzosereo data rangu ! ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️???


The most boring episode of all episodes?



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