‘Lockdown Should End’- Mliswa

Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa Wednesday urged the government to open the country fully and do away with the lockdown after a cabinet decision to allow restaurants to operate at full capacity.

Zimbabwe has been on lockdown since March 29 although there has been a relaxation of some guidelines to allow the country to start operating again.

In its 22 Cabinet matrix report yesterday, the government announced that restaurants are now allowed to serve sitting customers within their premises, but using only half their licensed capacity,

However, Mliswa questioned the move alleging that there was no need to continue closing some businesses as the country has defaulted from the lockdown regulations.

“So the decision has been taken to allow restaurants to open to up to 50% capacity. However, they were never 100% capacity anyway & more likely 50% before. This being the case, why don’t we just say we’re opening up completely, what’s the difference, is this honestly a good move?,” Mliswa said.

Although the country is still in Phase 2 of the lockdown, its all but business as usual for most people, with even vendors seen on the streets.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa last month relaxed some lockdown regulations and allowed for the informal sector to resume, subject to them meeting health regulations.

Zimbabwe has recorded 591 COVID-19 cases to dead with seven casualties.


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