Local Entrepreneur Introduces Cellphone Repair Academy for Unemployed Youths.

A local Zimbabwean entrepreneur has introduced a cellphone repair academy to help unemployed young people attain skills they can use to generate income.

263Chat spoke to Ixar Mobile’s Chief Technician Tinofara Mutovongi who said the idea of a cellphone repair academy came after a realization that most young people were idle due to lack of income generating skills.

“‘Unemployment among the youths is over 90% and coupled with the rising costs of living this makes it very difficult for them to cope. That’s why you find some of them resorting to drug abuse and theft.

“Our initiative is thus meant to tackle this in our own small way by giving the youths an option that can help them generate income and contribute towards their family’s upkeep’.

“We want to help unemployed youths to learn a skill that can help them generate income. Intake for November is already in progress and we will be taking at least 10 trainees for the program.” he said.

A test group of five people have already been trained to become level 3 technicians.

According to Ixar Mobile, the cellphone repair academy is open to anyone in need of entrepreneurial skills.

Skills offered as part of the two week long training include screen replacements, software updates and troubleshooting, micro-soldering and many others.

The next training starts from the 4th to the 22nd of November at Batanai Gardens, Corner First Street and Jason Moyo.

http://fb.com/IxarMobile / 0779467375

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