Live Updates from Solidarity March in Support of ZDF

It’s electric in the Central Business District where thousands of people are marching in support of action taken by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces who on Tuesday staged a “soft coup” against President Robert Mugabe. People marched from Fourth Street to Freedom Square where the crowd is expected to gather.

263Chat will give live updates from the march.

1026hrs: At the corner of Mbuya Nehanda Street and Jason Moyo crowds are hailing soldiers as true heroes of the people and army trucks are greeted with wild celebrations.

1032hrs: Local musician, Jah Prayzah’s song ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ has become a liberation song and is being played in cars with people singing along.

1037hrs: More and more people are getting into the streets in the CBD in solidarity with the defence forces.

1038hrs: Most shops have closed business with commuter omnibus operators part of the wild celebrations.

1039hrs: Zimbabwe flags that have of late becâme a symbol of resistance are all over and the white community is also out in the streets with the people.

1041hrs: Other placards are inscribed with messages telling Southern Africa Development Community and South Africa President, Jacob Zuma not to interfere in internal affairs of Zimbabwe.

1100hrs: Some placards with the image of former vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa are inscribed bring back our VP.

1136hrs: car dragging is the order of the day at almost all intersections in the CBD

1148hrs: People are now marching from Downtown to Fourth Street, the march is expected to head to State House, President Mugabe’s official residence.


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