Live Updates: President Mugabe, War Vets meeting

President Mugabe is  today expected to meet with War veterans from all corners of the country at Zanu PF Headquarters.
 The meeting comes after the liberation war fighters  denounced President Robert Mugabe and vowed not to back his candidature in the 2018 presidential race.
At their Thursday meeting last week, the war veterans issued a pejorative communiqué, accusing Mugabe of dumping them and embracing party youths to drive his re-election campaign. They also accused the 92-year-old Zanu PF leader of digressing from the party’s founding principles and privatising it.

 Thousands of Zanu PF have convened at party HQ where President Mugabe is expected to deliver a speech.

 12:29. Tambaoga  now singing …Patakavhota takasainira agreement kuti mutungamiri wenyika ndiGabriel….Zanu PF supporters singing along.
By any measure Zanu PF gatherings are organised compared to opposition parties meetings. Party supporters are dedicated and committed to everything they do, be it singing or dancing.
Zanu PF supporters show support for President Mugabe
Zanu PF members show support for President Mugabe

Enter VP Mphoko….

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13:35 President Mugabe has arrived accompanied by First Lady Amai Grace Mugabe and VP Mnangagwa.

2016-07-27 13.44.17

13:45. Zanu PF provincial chairpersons now introducing themselves.Most of them denouncing party members who are planning to topple President Mugabe.

13:50. Minister Udenge now introducing himself promises President Mugabe that he will work hard to return all the seats to Zanu PF in Manicaland Province.

Mr Mlala who is the Master of Ceremony has called War Veterans to deliver their solidarity message to President Mugabe.

14:02. Speaker after speaker (War Vets) apologising to President Mugabe for the communique which they delivered last week.Some of the war vets asking President Mugabe to punish all those who were part of the meeting.

14:10. Manicaland Provincial Affairs Minister Mandi Chimene takes to the podium outlining the purpose of the meeting.

“Cde President zvakatanga gore riya seri uko zvikanzi kwaita Tsholotsho.Takachirera chi Tsholotsho chapinda nerimwe zita chakunzi Lacoste,” says Chimene.

14:15. Chimene lays into Lacoste. Tsholotsho was being led by VP Mnangagwa and we are told he is also leading Team Lacoste.

14:16. Chimene challenges VP Mnangagwa to come out clean on Team Lacoste.

14:18. Chimene calls for an emergency congress to deal with Team Lacoste. Vamwe ma War Vets vava neimwe government yavo tinoti isu ngaitsikwe-tsikwe Hurumemde  iyoyi.

14:20. “Baba ndimi munopinza vanhu basa asi kana vokanganisa baba tinoti vadzingei,”says Chimene.

14:21. “Makarwe kumvura kwaasingadyi vanhu mu party hatimadi ngaaende kumvura kwaanotonga kwete pano,” says Chimene.

14:25. Mlala says the War Vets resolved to rally behind President Mugabe. “You cannot denounce leadership as a War Vet,” he said.

14:26.  “Cde President we have people like Victor Matemadanda who attended the meeting last week, disciplinary action should be taken againdt such people,” says Mlala.

14:28. Chinotimba takes it to the podium denouncing rogue War Vets. “Vanhu havafanirwi kuramba vakanyarara vanofanirwa kutaura,”says Chinotimba.

14:30. “Zvikoni zvikoni War Vet haritungamirwi nenzira yekudhibha,” says Chinotimba.

14:38 Defence Minister Sydney Sekeramayi takes it to the podium says the War Vets will always support President Mugabe.

14:41. President Mugabe moves to the podium preparing to address the War Vets.

14:44.President Mugabe saluting all those who made it to today’s meeting.

14:46.”Tauya pano kuti tinzwe zviri pa moyo yem War Vets. Vataura zvakawanda zvimwe zvavasina kukwanisa kutaura pano. Vanochemedzeka nekuti president ari kutukwa achinzi ngaachibva,” says President Mugabe.

14:53. “Mutsvangwa and his colleagues were chased from War Vets association and they now want to tarnish the image of the party,”says President Mugabe.

14:54. “Zanu PF is stronger than their communique says,” President Mugabe.

14:55. “Some of the War Vets took the communique to foreign countries to get funding to overthrow our government,”says President Mugabe.

14:58. “We have an investigating team which is looking on the origins of the communique and after the findings its authors will be heavily punished,” says President Mugabe.

15:03.”The British and the Americans will always find a way to penetrate into our politics,” says President Mugabe. He added that Zimbabwe is totally free from British rule.

15:07. “Before rushing into conclusions we should have evidence against those who violate party principles,” said President Mugabe.

15:07. In a statement directly targeted at VP Mnangagwa President Mugabe said, ” Nemiwo wakuru kana vapiwa mhosva budai pachena tizive pamumire.”

15:15. President Mugabe lays into modern day churchies which he says are robbing people of their hard earned cash.

15:17. “We are seeing modern day preachers now intending to interfere with day to day politics, we condemn that says President Mugabe.

15:18. “I want to warn Mawarire and his colleagues. Zanu PF will never tolerate that. We know how to deal with our enemies and we have the system to defend our hard  won freedom,” says President.

15:19. “Foreign embassies that are intervening with our politics please desist from doing such,” says President Mugabe.

15:25. “If party says we want change surely i will go but as long as the party still wants me to rule i will continue,”says President Mugabe.

15:27. “Journalists tell all those you represent that Mugabe is still here,”.






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