Lets Invest In Our Children’s Education: Bishop Paradise

Founder of Victory Power International Ministries, Bishop Believe Paradise on Sunday encouraged Zimbabweans to invest in their children’s education as they are leaders of this country in future.

Addressing his congregates in Chitungwiza on Sunday, the Chitungwiza based Bishop Paradise said the future of children is in the hands of parents who should do everything in their power to build their future.

“The future of our Children is in our hands because every parent wants to see his Child doing well in life but if we don’t show any care in their life now this means we are destroying the country because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

“Education is the key to our children so let not temper around their education but lets support their future and most of us parent we think that to be successful in future it comes from school only but if you discover the talent of your child develop it and then implement.

“Every thing tat our children o is a talent from good so lets support it and because of the support it will develop fast and we will building a better Zimbabwe that will have more careers” said Paradise.


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