Lead Without Stealing, Chamisa Tells Zanu PF

Opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa has torn into President Emerson Mnangagwa accusing his administration of concentrating on stealing government resources while ignoring its mandate to run the country.

Addressing councillors from his party following a SMART Council’s Summit yesterday, Chamisa said his party is determined to bring change of atittude by showing Zanu PF that it is possible to rule without stealing government resources.

“Solemn declaration signed by councilors is a real change of ethics and values. We want to teach ZANU PF that its possible to lead without stealing.

” Lets change Harare and even the rural district councils, we want clean cities, lets have smart communities
and lets reward the people who have been loyal and voted for us by building the cities,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa urged Councillors to build swimming pools and sporting facilities to increase children’s exposure to sports.

“We should build swimming pools and other developments so that our children will grow up exposed to many sports and in that way we are also building the future generation,” he added.

The MDC Councillors resolved to protect the environment and make sure that wetlands are not allocated to residents. They also made a commitment to deal with corruption which they are claiming has destroyed cities.

He also said that the city councils should work towards curbing corruption which has become rampant in the country.

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