LeonMwanaWajoze Bemoans Relegation of Gospel Hiphop in Churches

Upcoming Guruve based Gospel Hip-hop artist LeonMwanaWajoze, born Leon Mutembedza has urged churches to support and accommodate his genre into praise and worship ministry.

Gospel Hip-hop, just like Zimdancehall has been vulnerable to negative perceptions including associating it with ill behaviors and obscenities.

In an interview with 263Chat, Leon said skepticism around gospel hip-hop in churches has seen him and his fellow artists being treated as outcasts who do not deserve to be on the pulpit.

“People are still skeptical about Gospel hip-hop, some churches relate hip-hop to bad things. As a result, when we seldom get invited to perform in churches, we have to put up with ill ill-treatment as if our genre should not take church platforms,” he said.

He added that if embraced, Gospel hip-hop will inspire a lot of lives as the genre resonates with the youthful generation of society which also happens to occupy a majority of the population.

“Gospel hip-hop in Zimbabwe is still a baby that needs nurturing and support. If supported, l see it becoming one of the most inspiring and life-changing genre in the country considering that a majority of Zimbabwe’s population are youths,” added the 24 year old.

He started rapping at the age of 15 and says his chanting skills were drawn from Urban Grooves. He was forced to halt producing music by his parents until he finished a degree in marketing and since inception of his career in 2016 he has released eight singles.

Last year, he was nominated for best gospel act at annual Zim Hip hop awards together with Caespidor on a track called Muyera which they collaborated on. Mudiwa who had been nominated in the same category walked away with the award.

Speaking on upcoming works he said, “Just over this past weekend we shot visuals for a Cypher titled God is the Source. l’m also working on a video for MwanaWajoze and another single called Undeserving will be dropping soon.”

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