Leave Me Alone: Passion Tells Makandiwa

Controversial socialite, Passion Java has responded to Emmanuel Makandiwa’s two cents on flamboyant showy lifestyle often portrayed by the former.

Addressing an online gathering yesterday, Makandiwa pointed out that when one tries so hard to portray an image that they are rich, it is proof enough that they are not really wealthy.

“When you want people to know or think that you have money, you don’t have it… The guy who moves around telling people that I have money he doesn’t have it,” he said.

Responding to the indirect attack, Java pleaded for people to let him be saying there is nothing wrong in showing off his riches.

“Please just let me be! I grew up in poverty and now in a better position, you tell me not to talk about it. By saying, truly rich people are quiet about it, you are also parading that you are also wealthy but just don’t want to say it. But there is nothing wrong with showing off what you have,” said Java.

He also challenged criticism of show off by local figures when no fault is found when American celebrities do so, a sentiment which was supported by some social media users.

“Putting sides aside, he got a fact though. We seem to welcome American celebrities showing off but quick to condemn when it’s our fellow countrymen,” said Donny Mutepfa.





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