Ladies Are You Late For Marriage At 30?

Thirty has long been the age when women begin to panic about not being married. Pressure will be coming from  angles and one may begin to feel they are cursed for not having found a lifetime partner by then.

Nandi Cakes, a South African socialite ripped into woman on Saturday and fired shots at women who are 30 and not married giving reasons why men should not marry women over 30.

This pressures women into settling in unhappy relationships by lowering their standards because of loneliness. Here are some of the responses from people on twitter.

Society has labelled marriage as an achievement and women start feeling the pressures of settling at 25. What is one to do if they have found the right one for them. Are you just supposed to settle because your “biological clock” is ticking?

Marriage is a lifetime commitment and should be spent with the right person for you. Many women have been married and had children beyond 35, there is nothing new about it.

The assumption that women want to be married(as in waiting passively before living their lives happily and fully) is tragic.

Patience is a virtue and it is always good to wait.

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