Labour Court Reserves Judgment In Doctors’ Strike Case

The Labour Court yesterday, reserved judgment in the matter involving the government and the doctors who have been on a strike for 38 days now.

After being frustrated by members of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, who embarked on a strike since last month, government awarded them a 60 percent salary increment which they said was not enough to meet their monthly requirements.

This forced government to issue doctors an ultimatum to report for duty on Monday morning.

However, the doctors who are pushing for salaries that are in line with the inter-bank rate disregarded the ultimatum.

This riled the government who took the matter to the Labour Court arguing that the strike was illegal.

The court, after considering all issues between the Health Services board and ZIDA, reserved judgment and will make their determination and advise soon.

The 100-day strike by doctors has caused chaotic scenes in government hospital with patients in dire conditions being turned away or even discharged as there are no doctors to attend to them.

Nurses have also declared incapacitation, a situation that can further plunge the entire health system into turmoil.

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