Kunonga To End Five-Year Hiatus


Forgotten Jazz artist, Victor Kunonga will bring to an end a five-year hiatus with the release of his fifth album titled “Ndatsva” tomorrow at Hellenic Cultural Centre.

Addressing media earlier today in the capital, the “Maidarirei” singer highlighted that he has been working on the album for seven years.

“Some songs that are on this album were created some seven years ago. I have a home studio, something which lessens pressure on me. This differentiates me from an artist who goes to a studio where there are time expectations to when the artist is expected to release a project.

” So some of these songs I would just continue developing them over time as new ideas came up, ” he said.

Kunonga also added that he did  most of the recording by himself.

“I laid the ideas in my studio and only when necessary I would step out from my studio into a different one, but 90 percent of what I did was done in my studio. For mastering I had to send the recordings to South Africa,” he added.

“Ndatsva” is a 14 track album which redefines collaborations.

According to Kunonga, a collaboration does not only involve collision of two big names on one track.

“I believe a collaboration does not only involve two big names on one song. I believe even if I pick a guitarist, drummer or pianist  to feature on my song it is worth calling a collaboration which is what I did here, “he said.

“Ndatsva” features  guitarists Silent Nqo and Norman Masamba among a host of other instrumentalists.

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