Komichi Trial Takes A New Twist, ZANU PF Activists Guilty of Same Offense

The trial of MDC President Nelson Chamisa’s Election agent, Morgen Komichi took a new twist yesterday after his lawyer, Obey Shava proved before Harare Magistrate, Ruramai Chitumbura that the state had selectively applied the law by arresting his client for an offence also committed by Zanu PF activists.

Komichi, through his lawyer Obey Shava argued that the video evidence used by the state also shows Zanu PF activists interrupting ZEC proceedings.

He said ZANU PF activists seen in the same approaching the podium should be charged as well.

However, state witnesses denied seeing ZANU PF activists on podium.

It was only after Shava had insisted that the shown video proves his argument when the state witnesses agreed to the presence of Zanu PF activists.

“Are you telling the court that your eyes were blind to see, particularly a ZANU PF activist, seen in the video on the podium shouting at the accused person,” queried Shava while cross examining one of the witnesses Dickson Siyakwimbe.

Siyakwimbe is a police officer who according to the state asked Komichi to disembark from the podium.

Another state witness, Concrea Chivinda, a ZEC security officer also denied ever seeing a ZANU PF activist going on the podium.

Trial was rolled over to 15 November for continuation.

Michel Reza appeared for the state.

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