The Kings Landing: TFAF2 Review Ft Few Kings

In this KIRF edition, in the news we discuss some ZHH summit highlights, Zimbuzz apology, Who the Queen of the north is?? And sooo much more The Kings land on our turf for what’s seemingly a cordial engagement and turns out to be quite a roller coaster ride. However, the team manages to discuss Doing what it takes to get to the money, Take Fizzo hinting that a singing album maybe on the way, How they took their time to release and what was the hold up, Rappers in WhatsApp groups spreading unnecessary hate, their innovative distribution and Why the album was made available for free, Jnr Brown calling out Brian Willis; BegottenSun still being quintessential to the roll outs of albums and soooo much more! Make sure you follow @Keepitrealfridays on Facebook and IG and @Keepitrealfri on twitter.

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