Keep Your Life Private: Stunner Tells Mudiwa

It is not for celebrities to flaunt their valuable possessions everywhere, popular rapper Desmond “Stunner” Chideme has told his counterpart Mudiwa Hood.

Stunner made the remarks while addressing fans on a live video chat earlier this week.

“Let me share a real-life story with you, I know he (Mudiwa) will be mad about this. Just a few days after Mudiwa was all over social media showing off his new BMW, that car window was broken.

“Once you are a public figure you will need to understand that you can no longer flaunt everything that you own. You can not be out there advertising where your child attends school, it makes it easy for them to be kidnapped,” he said.

Stunner added that contrary to popular belief he leads a stable life.

“I am not that person who comes out to dismiss whatever rumours spread about me, but just so you know, regardless of everything that you have heard about me please remember that I am that guy who said handisi mhene zvangu but ndiri bho ( I’m not filthy rich but I’m doing fine),” added Stunner.

Meanwhile, the longstanding rivalry between the hip-hop chanters will be on screen tonight during Gara Mumba Iwe part 4.


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