Kambuzuma Residents Bear Brunt of Councilor’s Recall, DO’s Arrest

Residents of Kambuzuma have made a passionate plea to the Mayor of Harare, Jacob Mafume to assist in terms of service delivery and wetlands management following the recall of their councilor, Cosmas Mande and the arrest of the area’s District Officer, Tutsirai Kanojerera.

In a letter to the Mayor, the residents who are grouped under The Blue Agenda, a Community Based Organization working to preserve wetlands in the area said that the recall of Mande and the arrest of Kanojerera has created a huge void in terms of service delivery.

Mande was recalled from his position as Ward 24 Councilor in August together with former Harare Mayor, Herbert Gomba and four other councilors by MDC-T Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora on the grounds that they no longer represented the interests of the party.

“Councilors and District Officers oversee governance at a local level and Kambuzuma has now been left without this vital leadership. As residents, we fear that the lack of leadership could result in residents being short changed in terms of service delivery and land barons invading the wetlands in Kambuzuma,” read the letter by Blue Agenda.

The residents requested the Mayor to appoint “a point person to assist Kambuzuma residents on service delivery issues”.

Some home industry owners who were allocated space by council as far back as… have also written to council raising concerns about a housing cooperative that is en encroaching into their area and trying to force them to relocate to wetland areas.

The letter was also copied to the Mayor for Harare.

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