Supreme Court Grants Chiwenga Child Custody

The Supreme Court has granted child custody to Vice President Constantine Chiwenga ruling that the mother Marry Mubaiwa was mentally ill.

Mubaiwa had previously granted the custody of their children by High Court Judge Christopher Dube-Banda but the powerful Vice President took the matter to the Supreme Court.

The appeal by Chiwenga was opposing Mubaiwa being granted the custody of their children, accusing her of being unfit to keep the children because she was mentally ill and in need of urgent psychiatric treatment.

The matter was heard before a Supreme Court bench led by Deputy Chief Justice Elizabeth Gwaunza, Justice Paddington  Garwe and Chinembiri Bhunu.

Chiwenga and Marry have been living separately after the Vice-President moved into another house on arrival from China, where he was hospitalized for four months.

He reported his wife to the police accusing her of trying to kill her while he was admitted at a South African hospital while also claiming that Mubaiwa used “cunning behavior” to secure a place in his life.


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