Java Scoffs At “Cute Ginimbi” Jest

Following a video clip that has taken social media by storm in which flamboyant businessman Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure is captured with a female accomplice who is all over him complimenting his looks, USA-based cleric, Passion Java has dismissed the complement as dishonest.

This is the latest development between the businessman and controversial clergyman’s camps.

Reacting to the video which he went as far as posting in on his own Instagram timeline, Java captioned the “Iye avhunduka, Ini zi, iwe unoti chi?” loosely translated to say, ‘even the recipient of the compliment (Ginimbi) was also shocked to hear someone calling him handsome.’

The beef between the duo hit an all-time low after Ginimbi acquired a Lamborghini Aventendor S Roadstar at a total of US$605 213 after duty. Ginimbi’s acquisition triggered a game of thrones which saw the “Twabam” chanter publicly expressing the desire to outdo his rival with a Bugatti.

In the meantime, as he awaits its delivery, Java has erected a billboard along Domboshava road -the route to Ginimbi’s residence- written “SAKA” loosely translating to, So What?

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