Jah Love, Jah Signal to Partner Against Seh Calaz

Fast rising artist and “man of the moment,” Jah Signal will headline the entourage of musicians that will grace Soul Jah Love’s “Naka Dhula Dhaka” album launch at Takashinga Cricket Club on 29 September, the same night another Mbare born and bred star, Seh Calaz will unveil his new project.

Jah Signal’s appearance at Takashinga Cricket Club has already raised questions on why the “Sweety” hitmaker will only feature at one show despite other Zimdancehall stars including Kinnah, Silent Killer and Dhadza D attending both events.

Could it be ‘Jah’ effect?

The launch reignites a long standing rivalry between Mbare bred Zimdancehall talents, Seh Calaz and Jah love following the latter’s dates which were announced after the former had already notified his Ndakatumwa album launch that will be held at Solomon’s Lifestyle Cafe on the same night – a clear declaration of war.

While some curtain raising artists like Kinnah, Silent Killer and Dhadza D will feature at both shows, the most sort after artist right now will only be at Jah Love’s launch and it is yet to be seen whether Jah Signal’s crowd pulling effect will have a better edge over Seh Calaz’s line up in the battle of numbers.

Ndakatumwa album launch will have Freeman, Killer T, Enzo ishall, Tocky Vibes and many others, battling it out against Jah Love’s line up of Jah Signal, Blot, Dobba Don, Shinsoman and many more.



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