“Iwe Beer” Videomaker Speaks: Reveals It’s Father And Son

Israel Ngandu the boy who torched a storm on social media dancing to Killer t’s song called “Handina Mufaro” has revealed that the other face captured in that video is his father.

The Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT) student told 263Chat that the captured moment was neither practised nor staged but rather an epitome of the beautiful father-son relationship that exists between the two.

“The video was shot when we were at our rural place in Musana. It wasn’t a skit, my little brother just happened to record one of many good times we always have with our dad. I actually believe it came out beautiful because it happened naturally without practising,” said Ngandu.

The song “Handina Mufaro” which was released in 2017 had struggled to win hearts until the video of this duo surfaced on social media. In a space of three years, the song struggled to hit 35 000 views on YouTube but following this video from over a week ago “Handina Mufaro” is sitting on 90 000 views.

Despite this great service, Ngandu says Killer T is yet to initiate some contact.

“Only Slim J, the other guy who features on the song, has made some contact, I’m yet to hear from Killer T,” Ngandu said.


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