Is Mercedes Benz, Zim’s Measurement Of Success?

Those who were born and bred in high density suburbs popularly known as the ghetto are familiar with the phrase that says, “…kana ndaita mari ndaku parker Benz yangu pagate apa,” literally translated to mean that once I become successful, I will park a Mercedes Benz at my gate. Its no secret that a Mercedes-Benz is highly regarded by many in the country.

Think of the Presidential motorcade which is dominated by Mercedes-Benz, ministerial executive cars and top executives in the various corporates, all using the Germany manufactured car.

With such high profiled people using the Mercedes-Benz, the same love cannot escape the common man and woman who see it as a measure of success. It even appears as if, to commoners, they would rather own to their name a deteriorating old model of Mercedes just to be in the league of Benz drivers.

Even some of our local artists, among them Killer T, Seh Calaz and Takura, headline the list of musicians we see driving around backward and dilapidated Mercedes vehicles.

“I wasn’t a fan of Benz before instead I wanted Toyota, but, however, in a discussion with my husband and kids at home on what type of vehicle I should get, everyone was all about Mercedes and so here I am.

“Now, after steering it past thousands of kilometers, I’m now a fan and even considering to get the model ahead of this one on my next car purchase. Personally, I fell in love with the comfort. When i use a different car on long distances, I get to my destination with very high fatigue levels compared to how I feel when using Benz to travel” said a Mercedes-Benz, C200 Kompressor of 2004, driver.

“Though anyone can now drive a Benz car, growing up, an arrival of someone driving a Mercedes felt like a real arrival it was ‘The Arrival’ of all arrivals,” said one Harare based Mercedes Benz fan.

While Mercedes Benz remains the most loved executive car, its Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) is still struggling to gain much love from the well to do people in Zimbabwe who seemed obsessed with the Range Rover and Jeep Cherokee.

It is quite impossible not to find a Range Rover vehicle in a rich or successful person’s garage, be it Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure, Zodwa Mkandhla or Oliver Mtukudzi and many others including government officials.

Whilst the likes of self knighted Wicknell Chivhayo and many others remain loyal to the Mercedes Benz, strong contenders are coming into play.

What is your measurement of success?

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