If I Die In Chukurubi, Remember Me: Job Sikhala

Incarcerated MDC Alliance vice chairperson, Job Sikhala has vowed to soldier on, saying he will not be broken down by his incarceration which he said is a reflection of the suffering Zimbabweans have been going through under the Zanu PF administration.

In a letter from Chikurubi maximum prison, Sikhala insisted that he did not commit any crime to warranty detention adding that he is still in shock by the reasons behind his ‘persecution.’

“No matter the adversities, the liberation of our people from oppression and persecution cannot be postponed any further.

“My persecution is a reflection of the suffering our people have been going through one generation after the other,” said Sikhala.

The combative opposition leader said he will never be broken down as he is committed to fight for a free and just society.

“The plot and the plan of the dictatorship is to break me down. I will never be broken down because the demand for a free and just society is a calling,” said Sikhala.

He further appealed to Zimbabweans to remember him in case he dies in Chikurubi maximum prison which he called ‘concentration camp’.

He said it is because of freedom, happiness and liberty that has been denied generations that he is in custody.

“Even if I die in the concentration camp called Chikurubi Maximum Prison, dear Zimbabweans remember me. Remember that it is because of our freedom, happiness and liberty that has been robbed from one generation to another, that I met my fate I promise I will never be silenced until we all enjoy our nationhood,” added Sikhala.

Sikhala had his bail appeal hearing at the High Court postponed to 26 January after the state said it had not responded to the application.

The Zengeza West legislator was arrested and charged with communicating falsehoods after he posted on social media that a police officer had killed a child while attempting to hit a commuter omnibus which was loading at an undesignated point.

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