I Wasn’t Showing Off: Prophet Freddy Speaks

The unusual pictures of renowned Harare prophet Tapiwa Freddy flaunting riches on social media have turned out to be snippets from his latest musical video “Bag” off Kastep Kenyasha album launched earlier this year.

T Freddy as he is famously known shocked many Zimbabweans who felt the cleric had joined the bandwagon of celebrity prophets after he was captured with luxury vehicles and a briefcase filled with the much sought after American dollars in the four minutes 35 seconds offering.

However, speaking to this publication Freddy said the song addresses real-life issues and the visuals were used to highlight the message.

“The song addresses real issues, not my self specifically.  Talks about people who just love material things only to disappear when things are not ok.

“I was just following the script and I feel we did the best in trying to portray the life of a rich person,” said the preacher.

This comes at a time when most clerics are starting to abandon the usual discreet lifestyles typically associated with religious leaders and moving to flaunt their riches.

Weighing in on the matter, Freddy said he sees no problem in giving a testimony when blessed by God.

“It’s all about people’s choices. And I think there is no problem in giving a testimony when God blesses you. Gone are the days where pastors used to beg,” he said.

But he added that on a personal level he believes in leading a humble lifestyle.

“However, I always teach about table manners. Kudhara tainzi idya wakanyarara (back in the day we were always taught that you don’t talk while you are eating) and personally that’s what I believe,” he said.

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