I Own Mineral Deposits Worth Hundreds Of Millions: Rushwaya

Suspended Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) president Henrietta Rushwaya who was arrested last week while attempting to smuggle 6kgs of gold to Dubai has told Harare Magistrate Ngoni Nduna that she has no reason to escape if granted bail as she has vast business interests worth hundreds of millions of United State dollars in the country.

Rushwaya told the court that she has mines with mineral deposits worth “hundreds of millions” of United States dollars.

The former ZIFA President’s lawyer Tapson Dzvetero presented a special grant certificate for Umpfurudzi Safari mine belonging to  Realm Technologies, a company Rushwaya is a director and shareholder.

Dzvetero said the mine is worth “hundreds of millions” and Rushwaya can never run away from such business just to avoid prosecution.

Dzvetero also presented a Memorandum of Mining Lease Agreement between the Parks and Wildlife Authority and Realm Technologies where Rushwaya.

The company also has a contract mining development agreement with the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation for exploration and diamond drilling.

Dzvetero said Rushwaya also owned Canacube Zimbabwe Private Limited which has a license to farm and market medical cannabis.

“As the investigating officer, do you think the accused (Rushwaya) would run away from such a business venture?” Dzvetero asked the Investigating Officer, Michael Chibaya.

Chibaya said Rushwaya had links outside the country who may help her to skip bail while refusing to comment on the documents presented in court “without making investigations.”

Rushwaya is fighting for bail following her arrest at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport where she was caught trying to smuggle 6kg of gold to Dubai.

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