Hwange Colliery Finally Bows Down to Pressure

The Hwange Colliery Company has finally bowed down to pressure and engaged protesting wives of their employees who will now be supported to start self help business projects.

According to a  statement released by the Women and Law in Southern Africa Zimbabwe WLSA -Zimbabwe, Hwange Colliery has also begun paying workers salaries for the first time since 2013.

“Hwange Colliery Company Limited management have since signed a contract to help the women start self-help business ventures. The women are going to go through a training on business leadership and entrepreneurship meant to impart knowledge on how to run small businesses such as poultry, piggery and sewing,” reads the statement.

WLSA further reported that Hwange Colliery only accepted to start paying salaries to workers while ignoring the huge sums of money they their workers since 2013.

“The Hwange women’s petition demanded a bare minimum of $5000 of what is owed to them but this agreement does not address these issues.The mine has in essence only yielded to start paying salaries to workers and the 2,6% scheme of arrangement,” noted WLSA.

Recently, spouses of Hwange Colliery workers threatened to boycott the forthcoming general elections until government intervenes to force the giant coal producer to settle their husbands’outstanding salaries dating back to 2014.

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