Hwahwa Prison Not Fit For Human Beings: Chibaya

The opposition MDC Organizing Secretary Amos Chibaya who spend almost a month in detention on charges of inciting public violence and attempt to subvert a constitutionally elected government has condemned Hwahwa Prison as a terrible and unfit place for human beings.

Chibaya was arrested mid-January following violent demonstrations that rocked the country after government increased the price of fuel by 150 percent.

The Mkoba legislator was twice arrested and released on $500 and $1000 bail respectively.

Chibaya told 263Chat that Hwahwa prison is inhabitable with the state violating the rights of people detained there.

“The situation is terrible, frankly speaking. Why? People with minor cases they are put together with people with criminal cases. Murderers, people with house breaking cases, all are just put together with people who have committed minor offenses, so it’s actual terrible.

“Secondly, talking of food, there is nothing, no food at all.  The cells, its actually pathetic, there are no lights, no water so as far as the conditions at Hwahwa prison are concerned, I can actually  say it’s terrible for any human being to stay at Hwahwa prison,” said Chibaya.

The MDC organizer received a warmth reception from his parliamentary counterparts when he appeared in August House for the first time in 2019 with members of parliament from both sides stampeding to shake hands with him.

MDC Chairperson and leader of the opposition in Parliament Thabitha Khumalo said she is happy that his team  is slowly returning and confirmed to 263Chat that Kuwadzana East legislator Charlton Hwende, Harare West legislator Joanna Mamombe are still in hiding as their safety is not guaranteed.

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