HIT Ready To Match Industry Demands: Kanhukamwe

Vice Chancellor for the Harare Institute of Technology, Engineer Quinton Kanhukamwe has promised the corporate world that the university is ready to respond to any industry demands through dedicated nurturing of graduates who will spearhead the industrial renaissance.

Addressing a gathering during the Harare Institute of Technology’s 9th Graduation Ceremony last week, Kanhukamwe assured the corporate world that the Institute has already established itself to counter-produce multi-skilled graduates who can meet the technological demands of any organization.

“We are passionately committed to growing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary expertise and creative thinking, together with practical application and problem solving directly relevant and responsive to various sectors of our economy and the lives of the communities we serve,” said Eng. Kanhukamwe.

“We will deploy our distinctive research capabilities to make new discoveries, to innovate through practice and to generate ideas and a culture that enriches the economy and country. Our unique mix of interdisciplinary expertise and collaborative clustering will help to solve complex local and national problems,” added Kanhukamwe.

The Vice Chancellor further explained that the university has achieved remarkable results in its bid to commercialize locally designed projects by its alumni.

Through embracing the possibilities of digital, economic and social transformation, HIT will help to shape the future for rapid industrialization and modernization of Zimbabwe’s economy.

Kanhukamwe added that HIT’s vision was to bring the talents of the university staff and students together with industry and the community to renew the hopes of the nation through teaching, learning, research and collaborative innovation as a way of generating research outputs with societal impact.

Revealing some of the sterling work done by the university so far, Kanhukamwe said the institution is currently incubating several start-up projects which included Foodtech (Private) Limited, a company wholly owned by HIT through its commercial arm Institech Holdings. Other start-up projects by HIT are PowerTeam Technologies and LADS (Private) Limited. PowerTeam is responsible for transformer manufacturing based on patented designs by HIT, while LADS develops business solutions’ softwares for local authorities.

HIT is one of the six tertiary education institutions selected to develop an innovation hub. These hubs will enable the development, incubation and commercialization of new technologies including the start-up projects.

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